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I'm a Tableau Ambassador, currently work as Data Analyst & Visualization Consultant at The Information Lab, based in Rome, IT.

I have been working in data analytical roles for over 6 years, primarily with Tableau.
After being introduced to Tableau, I fell in love with data visualisation and began publishing visualisations on Tableau Public.
I love using Tableau to create compelling visualizations that highlight diversity, equity and awareness issues.
Also I’m a co-led for the tableau community initiative, @DiversityinData & @DataSuperStar, an active member of the #DataFam community.
5 of my visualizations have been selected as Viz of the Day by Tableau Public. I had the honor of seeing a visualization of myself exhibited in the Tableau Public Gallery in 2021.
Outside of DataViz, I love the outdoors and traveling.


Some of my works.

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